96.3 好FM: Dr Nelson Wee on Cultured Meat and Vegetarian Options

Dr Nelson Wee, Deputy Head of Primary Care and General Practitioner at Healthway Medical (Silver Cross Family Clinic) shared the differences between cultured meat and plant-based meat; while plant-based meat products are meat analogues made from plant protein, cultured meat is grown in laboratories from animal cells and is not yet commercially available. He addressed various pros and cons of consuming these alternatives as opposed to the real meat – while they are more environmentally friendly and do not harm animals, they can also affect the livelihoods of livestock farmers and are found to contain higher levels of sodium, which can have adverse health effects if consumed without moderation.

Dr Nelson also discussed the upcoming Impossible Milk which is currently still in development, as well as the pros and cons of vegetarian and vegan diets. He noted that those who are adopting such diets may lose out in protein, and advised listeners to increase muscle training and look for alternative sources of protein to maintain nutritional balance.

Dr Nelson also addressed some questions about holiday eating as we approach the festive season. For those who have existing health conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, he advised the need to drink more water to stay hydrated while having medication on hand to enjoy the festive eating with a peace of mind. When consuming leftover food, he also advised listeners to check if they are still fresh and always reheat after taking them out from the fridge.

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Dr Nelson Wee
Deputy Head of Primary Care and General Practitioner
Healthway Medical (Silver Cross Family Clinic)

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