Channel NewsAsia: Dr John Cheng – Stay Healthy this Chinese New Year

Stay Healthy This Chinese New Year

Healthway Medical’s Head of Primary Care, Dr John Cheng appeared on First Look Asia to talk about how to have a healthy Chinese New Year.


In the interview, Dr Cheng shared that people often need to move furniture, do heavy lifting or climb on chairs to reach top cupboards during spring cleaning. Such activities are likely to cause injuries or falls. Spring cleaning would also mean coming into contact with dust which may trigger asthma or allergy reactions. Some people may feel stressed out during festivities such as the Chinese New Year as there are a lot of preparations to be done and it can get very hectic.

When asked by the host what are some of the advice he can offer, Dr Cheng recommended viewers to pace themselves and have a checklist to delegate some work to other family members. On top of that, he also added that getting adequate sleep, ample hydration, proper diet and amount of exercise are the key to boost immunity. On the topic of food consumption, Dr Cheng reminded that overeating is definitely not ideal. Moderation is the key especially when it comes to Chinese New Year goodies such as pineapple tarts and other pastries as they usually contain high amounts of sugar and sodium.