CNA Singapore Tonight: Self-workout injuries – Dr Derrick Oh

Dr Derrick Oh (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Island Orthopaedics) talked about the dangers of self-workouts like running, yoga and squats. Dr Oh shared that there has been an increase in self-workout injuries over the past year, as more turned to exercises like running, at-home yoga and squat exercises during the Circuit Breaker months and afterwards. For running, he shared that hard and uneven surfaces on the roads can cause stress injuries on the knees and lower limbs, and demonstrated how this stress can be caused using a 3D model. Using video demonstrations of correct postures of squats and forward folds, Dr Oh also shared how performing these workouts with proper form is important to avoid any such injuries. He then advised viewers that pain is often a good indicator of a potential injury, and recommended that they seek medical attention immediately if such issues arise.

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