Why are regular Dental check-ups important?

dental checkup

You may think you’re taking excellent care of your teeth, and a visit to the dentist is not necessary. We’re here to remind you about why it is important to have regular dental check-ups!

What is a dental check-up?

At this visit, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy. Surface stains and deposits will be removed. The dentist will also evaluate your current methods of dental care and provide suggestions for future care in order to protect you from complications such as cavities and gum disease. These check-ups also allow dentists to detect problems early so they can be fixed quickly and easily. If you require further preventive or restorative work, your dentist will let you know. You may need an X-ray for your dentist to gain a full understanding of your case.

Why should I have a regular check-up if I don’t feel anything wrong with my teeth?

Even if you feel nothing at the moment, this is not an indication that your teeth and gums are healthy. Bacteria builds to form plaque that can harden and lead to long-term ailments such as gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, and periodontal disease if it is not removed. A good dental care routine and regular check-ups will keep your mouth healthy and prevent inflammation, infection, decay, and tooth loss. It also allows your dentist to treat infection or decay so that it doesn’t progress.

How often should I go for a check-up?

This depends on your personal circumstances. It is generally recommended you visit every six months. However, your dentist may like to see you more often if you smoke, have a history of cavities or a genetic susceptibility to tooth and root decay or gum disease.

How should I prepare for a dental check-up?

Be sure to clean your teeth before you arrive at your appointment. The team will be cleaning your teeth for you, but it is helpful to remove food and plaque beforehand so they can focus on the more difficult-to-clean areas. You also want to make sure you are prepared to share pertinent information such as your medical history.

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