Stay-Home activities to do with your kids

With the COVID-19 pandemic, staying home is the best way to keep yourself, your family, and others safe! Being cooped up at home with restless little ones can sound like a daunting task for some, but we’ve put together a list of activities for you to do with your family.

Take a break from devices

Many children grow up glued to a screen or device. Now that you have time with them, take this opportunity to engage in some non-screen activities!

  • Jigsaw puzzles – If you don’t have jigsaw puzzles, you can make your own! Have each child draw a picture on a piece of card/paper, then cut it up into 10-15 pieces for them to put together again.
  • Hide and seek, musical chairs and other indoor games that get the kids on their feet and moving.
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt – think of a Word of the day, and find one object that begins with each letter of that word! (e.g. HEALTHY: hairband, egg, AirPods, lock, teaspoon, helmet) Let your kids get creative!
  • Read a book and talk about it together, ask your kids what questions they would have for characters in the book.

Technology but make it educational!

Don’t fall into the trap of letting your children consume mindless content for hours on end, just because it keeps them occupied.

Connect with family and friends

  • Video call your family members or your child’s classmates – staying connected can help to keep everyone’s spirits up!
  • Go old school – write a letter! Some children may not even know what it means to post a letter.
  • Create a family newsletter to send to your friends and family.

Stay Healthy

  • Exercise regularly. Take a walk as a family, challenge kids to see how many skips or jumping jacks they can do in a minute, watch and follow a dance video together.
  • Cook healthy meals together – let your kids get in on the kitchen action! (Maybe not every day, to avoid tiring yourself out.

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