The Straits Times: GPs, polyclinics seeing rise in patients with flu-like symptoms as some let guard down – Dr John Cheng

Some doctors have been seeing a rise in the number of patients seeking treatment for flu-like symptoms in the past weeks, attributing this to it being the flu season as well as the faltering resolve among the public in complying with Covid-19 precautionary measures. In particular, general practitioners have noted an uptick in the number of acute respiratory infections (ARIs) among children. According to Dr John Cheng (Head of Primary Care and Family Physician at Healthway Medical Group) , children are more prone to influenza infections as compared to adults, with the higher likelihood of transmission due to the fact that children are less mindful of hygiene as compared to adults. In addition, Dr John also mentioned that the general increase in ARI cases could be due to the rainy weather experienced in the past month as well as the peak flu season in Singapore. While children under the age of 13 are not required to do a swab test for Covid-19, Dr John strongly advised them to do so, to minimise the risk of community transmission. Other clinics mentioned in the article include Crossroads Family Clinic and Northeast Medical Group.

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